Al Ghadeer is a pure bottled water company based in Al Ain, the land known for its fertile oasis. Our company is licensed from
the General Industry Organization, Abu Dhabi and has obtained a commercial manufacturing license since 1999. We have a
product line which includes five-gallon,125ml, 200ml and 200ml bottles. The factory is equipped with state of the art technology to monitor and test water quality in all phases of production.


The bottling takes place in Al Ain, a land known for its fertile oases, in a HACCP certified production facility. We comply with all local requirements and have implemented international specifications to ensure the quality of our water and efficiency of our service. The factory is equipped an up-to-date laboratory to test and monitor water quality at all phases of production. We also have a multi-lingual call centre in our facility to handle our clients’ requirements and queries.


Here's a breakdown of our purification process. Water is passed thru a carbon filter followed by a sand filter to eradicate impurities and bad odours. It is then treated with R.O and the proportions of minerals are controlled to meet the standards of Secretarial of General Municipalities and World Health Organisation. Water is then treated UV followed by ozone to get rid of all types of bacteria. It is then bottled and sealed as a fully automated machine process.

We also have a distinguished automatic bottle cleaning process using disinfectant sterilisers, hot water and ozone that is manually inspected and verified.


Sales and distribution of pure drinking water in 125ml, 200ml and 250ml and 500ml in disposable packaging and 5 Gallon refillable bottles. We also offer private labelling and commercial water bottling services.

G101 Cooler
G102 Bottle Cradle with Valve
G103 Bottle Rack
G104 Bottle Stand
G105 5 GallonBottle of Pure Water G106 Cup Dispenser
G107 Manual Pump
G108 Disposible cups
G109 Coupon Book - 10 Leafs
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Al Ghadeer Environment, Health and Occupational Safety Policy

Al Ghadeer Water Factory (AGWF) shall demonstrate commitment in all aspects of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) towards its employees to ensure sustainable development and continual improvement. It will be achieved as follows:
The Management at Al Ghadeer Water Factory is ultimately responsible and accountable for the health and safety of its stakeholders. It will be incorporated as a performance indicator for all management levels.
To ensure commitment and compliance with OSHAD SF requirements, all applicable legal requirements existing for the emirate of Abu Dhabi, UAE Federal / Labor laws and best practice standards incorporated in the same line of operations.
To establish the management of OSH within the organization by defining clear roles and responsibilities thereby ensuring proper implementation of OSHMS.
To ensure safe working operations to achieve no damage to external / 3rd Parties (neighbors / industrial sectors entities / agencies in the vicinity that could be affected) by encouraging awareness and promoting a safety culture and behavior within the factory and the surrounding area.
To ensure that all risks associated with people, property and process are adequately identified and managed.
To perform OSH activities for incident prevention at the factory site, being in line with the Local Laws, in order to reduce accidents / incidents and injuries.
To ensure safety in design, construction, operation, and maintenance of all factory and equipment, in order to achieve quality results.
To promote OSH education and training for Employees of Al Ghadeer Water Factory, and Sub-contractors involved at the factory site, in order to prevent ill-health.
To ensure that there is continuous improvement in OSH performance through industry ongoing communication, reporting of OSH incidents, and continuous learning from experience.

Code of conduct

Our ethical code of conduct conveys the company's core principles of proper business behavior towards all those who are influenced by our activity and shape our success – the company's stakeholders. The ethical code was written in order to publically define the values that guide our business operation in relation to our stakeholders, and publically articulate the appropriate business conduct that is expected from all company employees and management, in all areas of operation.
This code was written to assist employees with learning the company's business conduct and to provide them with a professional tool for dealing with day to day business dilemmas. The ethical code presents three main values:
1. Professionalism and Excellence,
2. Fairness,
3. Responsibility and Cooperation.
These three values merge together to define our professional code of conduct. As we strive for excellence and work professionally to achieve it, we meticulously maintain a fair relationship with all those whom we work with. We take both personal and organizational responsibility on the outcome of our activity, and Cooperate with our stakeholders to create mutual value.
We at AL GHADEER WATER emphasize the principles of our conduct towards our stakeholders and believe that each of these values should be implemented on a personal level, on an inter-organizational level, i.e. the relationship between the various business units and employees, as well as on an outer‐organizational level that represents our relationships with our clients, suppliers, business associates, the community, the environment and our business competitors.
AL GHADEER WATER operates in a multi‐cultural environment and as such it respects all different cultures in one country. AL GHADEER'S WATER corporate culture calls for strict obedience to country laws, wherever we operate, as well as for full compliance with regulatory demands relevant to our business. The ethical code aims to level the differences in this multi‐cultural environment in order to enable a proper and uniform conduct in the various counties where we operate. Therefore, in cases where country laws and corporate practices are less demanding that the ones in this code, one must abide to the laws herein. However, if a Relevant law contradicts the policy of this code, one must first observe the law.


General Manger

Public Relation Officer

Branch Manager
Quality Assurance

Production Manager

Sales Manager



Al Ghadeer at your Service We offer a variety of facilities for our Ghadeer water consumers. We’re open from Saturday to Thursday, 8am to 8 pm. Call us with your comments and enquiries, or to arrange a delivery. The multi lingual call centre is equipped to handle all queries and inform consumers about these services. And if your Ghadeer cooler isn’t working properly, or requires repair, just get in touch. We’ll send one of our technicians as soon as possible.

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