The Ethical Code

Each and every person in the company is responsible for understanding and acting according to this code. With time, ethical dilemmas or conflicts will arise, as different rules of action represent different values. In order to reach the right solution in a way that adheres to the ethical code herein, employees will ask the following questions that correlate to these rules of thumb:

  • Does the chosen course of action conflict with the company's basic rules of action? It is imperative that all company activity complies with its basic rules of action.
  • Could the chosen course of action harm the company's reputation in the long term? One should always prefer the solution which supports the reputation of the company and its stakeholders.
  • Is there an alternative course of action that could place me in a better position? One must consider several possible solutions. Creativity can significantly change the results and place us in a more comfortable position.
  • What would my supervisor, or someone else who I appreciate, think of the course of action that I took? What would I have told my children to do in a similar situation? One must always choose an honorable course of action that is a good example to others.

If an employee is still uncertain about the proper course of action he or she should be taking in a certain situation, they should turn to either their supervisor, ethics officer or the ethics trustees in the company for guidance. The ethics supervisor is the premier authority on these issues and the first point of contact for ethic issues and questions. His or her task is to consult, guide and solve problematic issues. The work method is based on cooperation and therefore includes factual inquiries and defining proper courses of action. The ethics supervisor does not sanction employees, and if need be will report the issue to the suitable people in the company. The ethics supervisor will guarantee anonymity, if requested, and will provide protection to corporate whistleblowers.

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