Mission Statement


As we all know, without water there is no life. Al Ghadeer is a fundamental resource of water and plays a key role in the local and international community. Al Ghadeer has established a very strong commitment to:

  • Providing a product that complies with high quality standards.
  • Working in partnership with others to provide a safe and healthy product for the community.
  • Covering the shortage in high quality and healthy drinking water.

Each and every person in the company is responsible for understanding and acting according to this code. With time, ethical dilemmas or conflicts will arise, as different rules of action represent different values. In order to reach the right solution in a way that adheres to the ethical code herein, employees will ask the following questions that correlate to these rules of thumb:


To release a high quality product and to provide service at its best.


  • We continually strive to grow and develop as a company in order to set a benchmark for quality and service.
  • We place customer satisfaction as our highest priority.
  • We care about ensuring that customers receive a high quality product as well as excellent service.
  • We are experts in our field with extensive knowledge on what we produce, the methods of production and our customer’s need
  • We understand that water, like oxygen is a fundamental source of life.
  • We have a flexible delivery service to meet our customers’ needs that includes “delivery on demand” and weekly delivery.

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